About Us

Our company is highly regarded and strongly preferred by a diverse clientele for our professionalism, integrity, and ethics. We consistently go the extra mile in serving our clients and always do the right thing in advocating for their interests. We take pride in our quality, performance-driven, team-based work culture that upholds an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction while ensuring strict compliance with industry standards and company values.

About VIP Tax Pro


VIP Tax Pro has been a leader in the professional tax business for more than a decade, offering our customers' product innovation, flexibility, and the opportunity to earn incremental revenue. It's fun, easy, and affordable to start your own tax business with us. With VIP Tax Pro Software, you can jump into the ever-growing tax preparation business, expand your current business, or purchase low-cost professional tax software. Start & grow your tax business the way you want!

Meet The Owner

Ms. Tiwana Bell

While raising her family as a single mother of five, Ms. Tiwana has spent the last 12 years growing her businesses and helping others. She brings a “Get it Done!” perspective as she encourages clients to use their gifts to create powerful businesses while yet following their dreams. Her practical techniques save clients time and frustration while helping them to achieve their goals. Ms. Tiwana has had the honor and privilege to serve clients all over the United States.

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