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Overpaying For Professional Tax Software? We Can Help!

Are you looking for reliable and affordable tax software solutions for your business? Look no further than VIP Tax Pro, where we've partnered with industry leaders TaxSlayer Pro & OLT to offer our clients the best possible deals on award-winning tax software.

Software Package

Our buying power and industry relationships allow us to offer discounts on tax software packages, including our popular ALL IN ONE Software Package. We designed this package for small and large tax offices with multiple locations and numerous employees, and it includes all 1040, Schedule C, and state forms to streamline your tax preparation process. Say goodbye to hidden fees and overpriced software - with VIP Tax Pro, you'll save big on fees without compromising quality.

Tax Preparation Training

You can also receive top-notch tax preparation training from VIP Tax Pro Software and great tax software deals.

From your first step to mastering tax software and preparing your taxes, our experienced team will guide you every step of the way.

With our help, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to thrive.

Partnership Opportunities

If you're new to the tax preparation industry or looking to branch out and start your own tax business, our Partnership Packages are the perfect solution.

You don't even need your own EFIN to get started! We offer a broad range of flexible options, including 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, and 90/10 splits in favor of the partner. With VIP Tax Pro, you'll have the support you need to succeed.



- Web Based Software

- Prior Year Access 3 Years

- Unlimited Additional Users

- Individual 1040, 1040NR

- Business/Corp Forms 1041,1065,1120,1120S, 2290, 5500, 720, 709, 706, & 990

- All States + DC (that require tax filing)

- Free E-filing

- Bank Products

- On-site Check Printing Software

- Multi-user Setup

- Free Customer Support

- Unlimited Software Training

- Client Organizer

- Interview Input

- Scanning Devices

- Mobile App

- Document Manager

- All Business States

- Business MeF Software

- Network Software


- Prior Year Access 5 Years

- Unlimited Additional Users

- Unlimited Federal Returns 1040, 1040NR, Schedule C, 1099

- Unlimited Free E-File

- Unlimited State Returns All 50 States (including DC)

- Unlimited Year Round Customer/Tech Support

- Unlimited Software Training

- Auto Updated Software

- Direct Mode

- Guide Me Mode

- Refund Bank Products

- Bank Product Rebates

- Paperless Office

- Document Manager

- Customizable Mobile App

- Refund Estimator

- Client Portal

- Compatible With Mac OS

- Digital Signature Compatible

Everything from remote signatures, paperless office capabilities, and a strong customer support team.

100% WEB BASED TAX SOFTWARE DESIGNED TO GROW YOUR TAX BUSINESS. Do You Have 200 or More Bank Product Clients? Then Ask About Our Free Software Program!

Bonus Features

Cash Advance

We're thrilled that Taxpayer Cash Advances are back at VIP Tax Pro! This popular program allows you to offer your tax clients an advance of up to $6000 via check or debit card, providing them with much-needed cash before receiving their federal income tax refunds. With the IRS pushing back the date that most taxpayers can receive their refund until early March, many of your clients will be counting on you to provide them with an advance - which can help drive new clientele into your office. The best part? The Cash Advances are repaid through the taxpayers' refunds!

Marketing Strategy

At VIP Tax Pro, we understand that the tax preparation business is more than just preparing taxes - it's about location and marketing. Our tax software is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, allowing anyone to complete tax preparation in just minutes. But we also know the hard part is getting customers through the door. We're here to share our considerable experience and successful tax business marketing strategies with you. We'll guide you through the treacherous waters of the industry and provide you with proven and effective guerrilla marketing techniques to help you succeed.

Customer Support

At VIP Tax Pro, superior customer support truly sets us apart from other professional tax software companies. We're here to assist your tax office regardless of its size.

We provide year-round customer support during the peak months of the tax season, with a team of tax preparation experts standing by to answer tough questions in real time. We're dedicated to providing superior services to ensure your tax business succeeds.

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